Who Are We?

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We are a professional Lucknow Based Taxi company

we are operating in all nearby regions of Lucknow and also provide tour services for long journeys within the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Customer Satisfaction

all our customers are happy


Reaction Time

we have available cars almost 100% of the time


City Coverage

we're expanding everyday, but we still need time :)

City Coverage

currently we are operating in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

we are working in nearby regions to Lucknow. Our sole purpose is to please our customers by giving them a lifetime experience with our taxi services. everything with us is top notch, from the cars to the service itself. no matter if you're a customer or an employee we'll be there for you and your needs.

local routes

Our chauffeurs are trained and well aware to manage traffic to provide you a soothing and rejoicing ride.

Long travels

We offer long travel bookings on call and email. You can hire our drivers and cabs for more than one day. For pricing see our details a pricing page.

business travels

Get your business travels with our luxury cars and let us help you reaching your business meeting and travels on time. We are serving to many business across lucknow region.


Our vehicles

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we have a selection of 3 different types of taxis

different vehicle types depending on your needs and occasions.

Enjoy the luxurious rides in our premium segment cars like Hyundai Accent with air conditioned environment available to you at your doorstep on a call or booking via app. Extra space for luggage and seating

Avail our sophisticated rides with our budget oriented and limited capacity seating and luggage carrying taxi.

Want to take premium like ride book our indigo eCS for your travels. You can also book this cab for your long journeys with comfort

Our Drivers

all our drivers are professionals:

01 experienced drivers with skills ,can manage traffic jams and polite to your every request.
02 drivers from any races and social circles, We don't encounter a person for religion caste or race, Driving is job and eligible one is candidate , doesn't matter who he or she is.
03 trained to perfection - you can test their skills today , with assured driving license and driving certificate

if you are interested in joining our team feel free to Contact Us"

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We Are Smiling cabs

travel safer, faster

and comfortable!

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24/7 we are at your services

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about Smiling cab

It's a Lucknow based taxi company with trained chauffeurs and best quality travel service. Clean and Soothing Car's environment and Ready to support on call, SMS , email etc...


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  smiling (@) gmail.com
  +91 522- 402 56 56 or +91 9519090944
  +91 9935641410
  Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh